Expand Content. Eliminate Piracy. Increase Payments.

LRN is a blockchain-based marketplace for educators to rent, buy, and subscribe to high-quality educational content that compensates content creators, usually other educators fairly.

LRN’s simple interface allows educators and small publishers to distribute more broadly, control licensing, sell more profitably, and be protected from piracy.

The Current Problem with Education

Teachers are some of the best creators of educational content: lesson plans, curricula, software, and instructional videos.

Teachers who want to sell their content are hampered by existing flawed content distribution platforms that are difficult to navigate, and do little to protect the intellectual property of the sellers.

The flaws:

  • Existing platforms enable content to be copied and redistributed leaving teachers uncompensated.
  • Existing platforms do not allow teachers to develop a following of subscribers to generate subscription revenue or bundle products for sale.
  • Existing platforms lack tools to update content or create dynamic content.
  • Existing platforms charge up to 55% commission, plus additional transaction fees.

LRN Solves These Problems

  • LRN utilizes blockchain to facilitate licensing and sharing so that content can’t be pirated. Blockchain is well-suited for tracking who created content and who has it.
  • LRN allows teachers to bundle content and receive subscription revenue.
  • LRN allows for updating and creating dynamic and interactive content.
  • LRN charges a fee of 25%.

The Man Behind The Vision

All of this is being spearheaded by Richard Margolin, chief technology officer and founder of RoboKind. With research experience ranging from nanotech to humanoid robotics, Margolin is eminently qualified to lead blockchain development that modernizes educational practices. He has also demonstrated noteworthy business acumen—among other things RoboKind has been an IBM SmartCamp Global Finalist and won Launch Festival’s Best Education Company award. Margolin is also a  2019 EdTech Digest Leader, a 2017 Tech Titan, and this year was named a Winner for EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® in the Southwest region. Margolin has been a proactive member of the educational vanguard for years, and he brings technological insight and visionary leadership to a vitally important issue in education today.

Taken together, LRN represents a great step forward in the fairness and ease of the distribution of educational content. Whereas all parties are currently working around each other, LRN offers a new way for all to work in concert.

LRN Advisors

Terry Crane, Ed. D.

Terry Crane, Ed. D.

LRN Advisor

With more than 35 years of experience as an educator, business executive, and technology expert, Dr. Crane has been widely recognized as one of the nation’s most innovative leaders in educational technology.

In the 90’s, Dr. Crane led Apple Computer’s highly successful, multibillion-dollar North American Education Division. In 1996 as a corporate officer and Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Strategic Marketing, she developed long-term strategies for the consumer, education, publishing, and scientific-technical markets.

Dr. Crane was co-chairman of the national CEO Forum for Education and Technology. As the 2003 Chairman of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, Dr. Crane led corporations and educators to set a vision for 21st century learning.

An active participate in the education industry, Dr. Crane has been on the advisory boards for Blackboard K-12, EdNet, the Software and Information Industry Association Board, and the Education Industry Investment Forum Board.

Dr. Crane has a doctoral degree in educational leadership and a master’s in early childhood education from the University of North Texas. She began her career in the classroom, serving the Richardson (TX) Independent School District as an elementary school teacher and, later, intermediate principal. Intrigued by the possibilities personal computers held for her gifted and talented students, Dr. Crane designed and implemented the district’s first technology plan in 1983.

Kristin Bergfield

Kristin Bergfield

LRN Advisor

Kristin Bergfield is an experienced secondary English teacher and educational content creator who recognizes the challenges facing this evolving digital marketplace. Her knowledge as a classroom teacher as well as an author, a buyer, and a seller in this industry gives her the expertise to provide insight as an educational consultant.

Kristin’s experience includes instructional and administrative responsibilities at the middle school, high school, and university level, and she maintains a thorough understanding of current educational best-practices research and pedagogy through continuing education.

Kristin realizes the changes that must be made to improve issues facing this industry, from the quality of and access to educational resources and services, to licensing and copyright obstacles as well as the equality of compensation available to educators and content creators. Kristin’s interest in creating and providing educators and students with the engaging, high-content, data-driven material that they deserve drives her enthusiasm behind LRN’s success.

Adam Smith

Adam Smith

LRN Advisor

Adam founded TeacherTube.com in 2007, an online streaming service for teachers and students to share academic content for K-12. Adam and his team helped to grow TeacherTube from its start to over 2.7 Million active users. TeacherTube sold to Salem Media in September of 2017.